An hour of fame (everyone can become rich)

An hour of fame (everyone can become rich) Do you want to get rich? Do you want to have a lot of money?Do you think that you have what it takes to become a millionaire?If you ask any of our fellow citizens whether they could name the most popular occupations after them, they will all give you the same answer: "Of course, we could!"And this is not a metaphor at all!Today, millions of people are ready to give their all for only one reason — to become the best they can be:Yes, be successful!Yes, be rich!Yes, be in the best company in the country.Yes, go to work every day.Yes, I'm tired of hearing "Woe from afar" every day about you.1) The work of the "average Joe" is not bad if he performs wellIn this respect, Tom Delonge is very close to the mark.Although not as good as a team of highly trained specialists who manage to win a large sum in the lottery or a famous athlete who competes in swimming.But I'll tell you about myself.For 3 years, I worked on the Internet (sitting at home with a computer and a tablet). I researched the best universities in the country; I wrote 2 articles a day; I made friends with people on social networks.And I tried not to think about the poor people — the ones who are forced to stay at home with nothing but a duvet and the pet peeve of a girl who cries in the car from the cold.I was resigned to the fact that I would have to take on extra work. After all, the economy and the performance of large companies is determined by the choices that people make.Wealthy people are well aware that the decision of what to do with their money is their own business. decision.They make their money "work" for them, and not themselves. That is why the words "wealth" and "wealth" should not be taken literally. And don't try to copy their "arrogant" behavior!2) When it comes to money, the smartest people are richBecause of their intelligence, they know how to handle money in such a way as to bring them high incomes. And the dumbfounding is that they didn't inherit their parents' level of education and minimal savings.After all, intelligent people make their money work for them — making the right investments and gradually forming impressive financial capital. 3) Rich people are not just big moneymakers, they are smart and they know a thing or two about moneyThey are the "excellent student" in school, the "student who became rich" in college,the "lucky winner" in the lottery — these are the "stars" who become rich as a result of their brilliant decisions. decisions.Executive SUMMARY:The decision to become rich or to be